We found that, still today in India, women are facing social discrimination for being illiterate, which causes too much frustration and failure around them. We are trying to bring them out giving them professional training and this is how Samvedna Handmade was created. Now they can earn self-respect and dignity, feeling empowerment they can do anything not just for themselves but for their family and Society too. This is what they are deserving for…

Women Empowerment

The main aim of this program is to enhance the quality of life of women through increased knowledge and skills. Samvedna Connecting Souls also realized that merely imparting literacy would not be sufficient, rather just focusing on education, they need to skill development training to be employed. Samvedna Handmade was created, then, to provide employment to the rural women who work as dress designer, tailoring, stitching etc. This has led to enhance confidence level among them.

What Samvenda Handmade Achieved

• Dedicated to the social & economic upliftment of rural women.
• Has enabled scores of village women to become financially independent and be one of the earning members of their house.
• Ensuring participation of women from local rural community.
• Making them work with enthusiasm and self-confidence feeling empowerment and empathy among other women.
• Putting efforts to make them work with objective of continuous improvement and learning.