Objectives of Our Education Program

Education is not just makes one educated.....as we think Education gives the Edge to a person to engrave his life with his own qualities and the furnished qualities that he gained through education. We work to educate the women and children, those who failed or unable to get education. We give them opportunities learn the basic education as well as professional education.

We Provide :

Computer Education

Computer Education - As the requirement of the time, the knowledge of c omputer is much required these days. We started short term three months/six months basic computer course. We hired trained teachers for the training.

Language Education -

Other than the mother tongue, any one of international language can be a key support er for the success of our women. That would help them in better communication. We provide classes for language too with qualified teachers.

Music and Dance -

We offer music and dance classes for interested women and children. Professionals are there to t ake the training sessions.

Yoga and Meditation -

Yoga is not only a practice of physical exercise which is beneficial to the body but at its core, has a meditative and spiritual grounding, so we provide yoga & meditation classes every day.

Women Hygiene and Self - Love –

In India women hygiene and self - love is still need awareness, especially in rural areas, so we arrange weekly class for women.