Welcome to Samvedna

Samvedna is a Trust that feel and share emotions of people suffering from various problems like social, economical etc. and we works for it. Especially we work for women and children. Our Trust works as its name conveys……..samvedna, means feel the pain, soreness of a person. The feeling when you connected with someone with soul. Feel the pain of others and make it your own. It conveys the message of connection between every person. The connection of souls means connection of Joy, Dreams, Pain, Worries……all the emotions of a person having experiences in its life.

Our Mission and Vision

To begin with, let us first introduce ourselves. The Samvedna Connecting Souls(Regd Trust), established in Rishikesh in 2014 by Aarti Saxena and Deepak Barthwal, is dedicated to work with organizations worldwide further abroad array of humanitarian causes. The word “Samvedna” is a Hindi word that refers to the urge to help another in need. Samvedna Connecting Souls (Regd Trust) is a NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION which works among the women facing struggles.

In Indian society, nowadays still women are being marginalized and have been degrade naturally due to social structure. Women have not actively participated in the mainstream of the society due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. To improve the women status in the family and society, they are required to be empowered through economic independence and education, skills & trainings and higher awareness level on their social condition. Samvedna Trust is making an impact in that direction as it runs programs to train the village background women to make them economically independent in their homes and society. Our Aim is to make women self-reliant and raise standard of their family- by developing their skills, providing them training and a platform to avail of employment opportunities.

Founder's Message

Deepak Barthwal

Dear friends,
I'm Deepak Barthwal, born and brought up myself at Uttarakhand, India. Being born in a Brahmin family, since childhood, I was watching all different kind of rituals & spiritual activities at home; but somehow I've grown up differently. I only understand the language of love, caring, regards and respect for everyone. It came a time in my life that I was eager to be reconnected with my roots. This only, honestly, convinced me to start up with something we can work as pillar for each other in any way, and connect our souls. The first thing I did was volunteer to help people in need, offering myself to take care of children education, clothes and basic needs; also when I've found people with health issues. At this point, in 2014, we started to think about Samvedna Connecting Souls and we registered the trust for the Women Empowerment for rural backgrounds in Uttarakhand. Samvedna Connecting Souls is truly working for women facing lot of problems in their life for existence, helping them to make independent with dignity, as this is what they deserve.

Arti Saxena

Dear Friends,
Sometimes when we start our journey for our destination, we have no specific path to walk, no trails to follow, no fellow for a company but we proceed anyway and anyhow. We continue, because we determined for the target we aimed, the women. The circle of that aim became more wide when it concern not just with a person but for the mass. At that stage we start thinking as ‘WE’ instead of ‘I’. My name is Aarti Saxena, I live in Rishikesh and I'm working here, for many years now. Throughout my life, I have come to design my opinion on certain things, and I realized that women should be economical independent, with self respect, but I believe they can only achieve it when they are educated or skilled.As a woman you have all the complete skills to develop whatever you wish for, if you make it your purpose. You have inner superpowers that you can bring up to fulfill your life by yourself on our own, but for that you have to believe in yourself, be confident, and nobody taught us that; but you can do it.

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Our Team

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In Samvedna we are waiting for you to connect your soul with ours. We have many projects but we need your help, your love and your heart. We would love to hear your ideas & feedback to transform for the better.

Anyone interested in collaborating with Samvedna Connecting Souls can donate in the form of goods that can help us continue with the employment of these women, their economic independence and their empowerment through work.

We mainly receive donations such as sewing machines, fabrics, or any other material.

You are also welcome to contribute with individual support through Pay via Online transfer or Paytm (link)